Artificial intelligence begins to permeate our lives and is within reach for many human activities. We feed it daily with our example, interacting with our devices and carrying out our online social life. A giant collective knowledge is forming in the Cloud. It is starting to give us back unexpected creative outcomes. We can think to take advantage of it for our daily storytelling as humans, to explore unprecedented possibilities. We are like siamese 'creative twins'. We can no longer detach ourselves from it. We must be friends, we can work together. We are all the new Artificial Intelligence.

    This is a collaboration with Domus Academy in a innovative course for the Interaction and Service Design classes.

    Automated Storytelling

    Co-evolving narratives with artificial intelligence

    From the first experiments of 'combinatorial narratives' of the 60s by Nanni Balestrini in Milan, passing through the suggestions of the 'literary machines' of Italo Calvino, to the unexpected outcomes of the ‘deep dreams’ experiments in Google Labs, the new frontiers of Deep Learning now provides us with ‘artificial intelligences’ that are able to reproduce texts and generate images that for originality compete with human abilities. In particular, in the visual field, these systems can recognize the most minute elements of an image and interpret its informative content. This enables the possibility for practitioners to use these systems as a sort of 'creative twins' for the analysis, description, narration, even in a poetic form, of images, in a computer-assisted co-creative process, which opens up new scenarios for design support processes and, in general, for communication and marketing activities. The course offers a path aimed at the practical use of tools for the recognition of images and the production of texts associated with their content, through Deep Learning systems. We will approach these systems at a high level, with already pre-configured tools, and therefore we will not require any specialized technical skills.

Who we are

  • Alessandro Chessa

    Data Scientist and CEO
    of Linkalab

  • Alessandro Chessa, Ph.D. in Statistical Physics and Adjunct Professor at LUISS. He is currently CEO of Linkalab, a Complex Systems Computational Laboratory, and Scientific Advisor of the new Data Science Lab of ENI. He has been Research Associates at Boston University working on Econophysics. His scientific interests range from applying Quantum Mechanics to the World Wide Web, to the study of the Social Graphs of the new communities on the Internet, and the Data-Driven Journalism. Recently he is studying the impact of Artificial Intelligence on human creativity.

  • Riccardo Mantelli

    Creative Technologist

  • Riccardo Mantelli makes, researches and teaches interaction design and physical computing with a human centred approach. His research focus on developing and understanding of New Media practices and find a possible set of connections between artificial intelligence and creativity. His artistic works have been presented internationally at various events in Europe and Asia.


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